Smart Devices (Part 1)

Smart Home or Smart Home Office equipment overview November 2018

Most homes and small home offices have a network and an internet connection. The network will in most cases be a wireless network or mixed network, as most people use smart phones, and tablets which don’t have Ethernet support. For most home or small home business networks, a combination cable modem and wireless router will be the main component.

A modem receives information from your ISP through the phone lines, optical fiber, or coaxial cable in your home A router pushes this signal out to connected devices using Ethernet cables or Wi-Fi.

A WIFI extender is used to extend the coverage area of your Wi-Fi network. It works by amplifying the Wi-Fi signal it receives from your Wi-Fi router and then transmitting the amplified signal.

A network switch is hardware that connects to your router to get more Ethernet ports. A network switch is useful if you have a lot of devices in one place that require an internet connection.

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